I don't care if my wife is ugly, she just has to like Jazz!!!!!

I know you called for a Piano Man --But, I brought my Trombone just in case you don't like my Piano Playing!!!



OLD? - Did you say “OLD”, “OLDER”, “GETTING OLDER”, “FEELING OLD”?? 

What is OLD?  (Someone who isn’t young)?  I, personally do not know what “OLD” is! I do have some aches & pains I didn’t have 50 years ago - and I am on certain medication for heart, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc... 

But, think about this:  

OLD cars had to have gas to run - (So do new ones)! 

OLD cars had to have the oil changed - (So do new ones)! 

OLD cars had to get tires changed & fixed - (So do new ones)! 

You had to

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