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DALE BURKE & SAINT LOUIS JAZZ DALE BURKE & SASSABRASS 5 Spartanburg, SC PRESS RELEASE TWO UNIQUE MUSICAL GROUPS DISPLAYING THE TALENTS OF TOP PROFESSIONAL PERFORMING & RECORDING ARTISTS IN STYLES RANGING FROM ‘LEGIT’ CLASSICAL JAZZ, DIXIELAND, BLUES, AND LATIN TO CONTEMPORARY JAZZ. BESIDES APPEARING AT VARIOUS JAZZ FESTIVALS, JAZZ CLUBS AND CONCERTS – THE GROUP IS ACCEPTING ENGAGEMENTS AT SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES IN CONCERT & CLINICS. ********SAINT LOUIS JAZZ MUSICIANS******** DALE BURKE---------------trumpet, piano, composer, arranger, vocal STEVE CRON---------------alto, tenor, soprano sax DAN TEGEL-----------------trombone ALAN NOWELL------------bari sax JOE DiPRIMA---------------guitar, bass JOSH TENNANT-----------bass, guitar AL SHAVER-----------------drums, vocal, congo, bongo, timbales [all the toys] ********SASSABRASS 5 MUSICIANS******** DALE BURKE------------trumpet, flugel horn, piano REX GALLATIN----------french horn DAN TEGEL-------------trombone MATT ANDERSON---------bass trombone JOE DiPRIMA-----------bass ALSO: ********DALE BURKE QUARTET MUSICIANS******** DALE BURKE------------piano, vocals STEVE CRON------------saxaphone JOE DiPRIMA-----------bass AL SHAVER-------------drums ********DALE BURKE TRIO MUSICIANS******** DALE BURKE------------piano, vocals JOE DiPRIMA-----------bass SONNY THORNTON--------drums FOR INFO & APPEARANCE SCHEDULE CLICK ON "CALENDAR" IN THE MENU ITEMS OR CONTACT: DALE OR JOANN BURKE 136 MAULDEN ST SPARTANBURG, SC 29302 PHONE: (864) 591-2018 FAX: (864) 591-2016 E-MAIL:

From the Offices of DBMN (Jun 12, 2010)