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Homer Pruitte Sez - July 10, 2011

Homer Pruitte Sez:

 I want you ALL to read what Tina Morrison (President of Local 105 – Spokane, WA)  Wrote of one of the Big Problems we face in the Music Business today—

 “Club owners/Managers are starting to rationalize their place in the world by telling themselves they are more deserving than the creators.  They tell themselves they are providing service to their communities by cheapening the product instead of upholding the value.  Yes, times are tough, but it is management’s job to take care of business.  Crying about “unsustainable models” is not acceptable.  For musicians it would be akin to saying, “Gee, Mr. Music Director, I can’t play those notes that fast.”

 The connection first got turned around in the club scene when club owners/managers decided it was the musicians job, not only to make music, but also to bring in their “following” and provide patrons to the club.  The strategy they developed was that the club would provide a place for musicians to perform and cheaper musicians were better for the bottom line.  A club will have four to seven young bands of vastly different genres and ability performing back to back, splitting a small cover charge with the club.  Management figures, if they have more bands, and each band brings in its friends/fans, they will have more people in the venue and therefore more sales.  The problem with this model is that there is no consistent quality among the groups performing—the old adage you get what you pay for—and if the early bands can’t hold an audience the place empties quickly.   Marketing success has always required, at minimum, consistent quality…”


 Show this article to some of the Club Owner/Managers we know!!!!!!

 Thanks to all the Talented Brothers & Sisters out there!

 The Best to you……..Homer

Homer Pruitte Sez - February 1, 2011

 Homer has something to say very soon.  Check back next week!!!!!

New Mini Album - February 1, 2011


Entitled “It’s An All Day Affair”

Dedicated to his wife, JoAnn


“It’s An All Day Affair”

Dale sez:  Life with his love is ‘An All Day Affair!’ – and that’s the way he like it!........

“Me Alone”

When Dale was left alone while his love was on a trip – He was left to “Howl at the Moon”!!!!!

 “January Blues”

With the Vocal Group (ala the “Four Freshman”) singing the main theme  - Dale plays the ‘blues’ on his Trumpet while his love is away for a few days.

 “You’ve Got Me Hooked”

After a few days without his love-Dale decides to send her a singing telegram – (I believe he is hooked!)


Dale & Joe doing many Jazz shows in the Carolinas.  This video was taken at Justin's Steakhouse in Greenville, SC. "Our Love Is Here To Stay"

Homer Pruitte SEZ: - June 10, 2010


It’s Summer time—and the living is ‘easy’!!
We still have work to do and obligations to fulfill but, we still need to take the time to enjoy our surroundings, friends and family, in between engagements, recording sessions & writing assignments.
Miss Jo & I look forward to our moments in the Sunroom every morning, watching the birds, squirrels & cats & beautiful scenery at our “Burke’s Mountain” Hide-a-way.
Then, of course, the phone often starts ringing, to take care of business…after which we go out & open the pool. Miss Jo checks her plants, flowers & hanging tomatos plus checking all the food for all the ‘critters’. I make sure the pool area is ready for ‘splashdown’! We check to see that the yard is in good shape – then – we dress in our ‘formal attire’ (swim suits, pool shoes, towels, fun noodles!), grab our ‘cool’ drinks! And spend a couple hours playing in the water. Later in the house – maybe calling friends or family, and then, etc,etc,etc,etc
NOW, do you call that EASY??!!??!!!!!


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